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Mike James

Founder, Patent Holder

Founded in 2013



  More than 35 years of combined engineering and management experience covering the breadth of the aerospace industry including:  FAA Certification of Turbine engine controls, test and development; system safety and failure modes and effects analysis; flight test; certification and regulatory compliance; production and field support; service-related product difficulties; and product related litigation support for aerospace products, software, and systems.


  Also have experience in areas outside of aerospace industry including: 

Solar voltaic systems design

Installation and PV system monitoring

Product design, development, testing and introduction to production.

Extensive field experience throughout the world.



  • Technical Advisor to AMOR Ministries (Charter member of the Commissioneers!)

  • Arizona State University Faculty (Engineering Capstone Program)

  • ASU Mentor for Design for Developing Worlds class (Rocky Point, Mexico Project)

  • Board of Directors for Non-Profit Connecting To Serve.

  • My Chosen Vessels technical advisor for Kenyan Maasai tribe quality of life improvements (Housing, Covid-19 Song, low smoke stove, solar lighting)

  • Lead/participated in 15 Mission Mexico / Navajo Missions to build homes in Tecate, Mexico and replaced a basket ball court and refurbished a church on the Navajo reservation (Rock Point, AZ).

  • Sojourner Center assisted refurbishing of “Hope” facility to provide shelter for domestic violence victims. Sojourner Client Award 2006 for rebuilding efforts.

  • Saint Vincent DePaul and Saint Mary’s Food Banks





As homeowners, we are driven to reduce costs.

As engineers, we are hardwired to be efficient and solve problems. 

As members of planet earth, we strive to leave it better than we found it. 

We are fortunate to be able to act on our passions and innovations. 

SHADE-MAX is dedicated to providing useful products within the reach of most consumers.  We also strive to donate our time, talent and dollars to domestic violence programs and non-profit companies benefiting the underserved populations.

Enjoy using SHADE-MAX and SHADE GRABBER as much as we did developing them! 

If you have feedback, we would love to hear it. 

We are always interested in what our customers have to say. 


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