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Voice of the Customer
The Value Proposition

We've Listened to you about Window Heat and Solutions

We've spent a lot of time interviewing people about the issue of window heat and what's important:

Saving money, Comfort, Privacy, Amount of Light, Energy Savings, Ease of installation are but a few that have been mentioned.

You've replaced windows and doors, installed shutters, blinds or tint and even solar screens.  

Many either have a high point of entry (tens of thousands of dollars) or require significant skill to install.

SHADE-MAX is an innovation connected to YOUR NEEDS:

  • Easy to Install (DIY)

  • Saves money quickly (less than 1 year payback when upgrading current screens)

  • A more secure screen installation, less damage.

  • Provides privacy and more light

  • ALL at a reasonable cost.

SHADE-MAX . . .  Simply Cooler!


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