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Installation Instructions and Hints:


  • Use the existing clamp holes to minimize window penetrations

  • BEFORE removing your screens mark the current clamp screw locations with a pencil on the screen frame.   Use this alignment as a starting point for installation.

  • Seal any non-used holes with a 3/8 or 1/4 inch # 8 self tapping screw (Available from most hardware stores) or a clear silicone caulk as needed.

  • Install the bracket first.  Use your hand to position and hold the bracket and tighten until unable to move (Typically a #1 or #2 setting on a battery operated drill).  If the hole is stripped, a #10,  1 ½  inch screw will typically fit but must be purchased (Available from most hardware stores).

  • START  the GRABBERS in the platforms with the provided screws before trying to install the screen.  Only a turn or two is required.

  • Position so they will swing over the platform when tightened (See below).  The proper hole to use for the GRABBER is:

    • Left hand in top hole

    • Right hand in bottom hole

    • Top  in right hole

    • Bottom in left hole


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