How Many Kits Do I Need?

To determine the number of SHADE-MAX kits required:


There are 2 types of kits:

  • "L" Kits for screen edges     

    •  Typical Single Window Screen

    • 1 L Kit = 4 brackets, grabbers and 8 screws

  • "T" Kits for adjacent screens

    • Screens with edges that touch

    • 1 T Kit = 2 brackets, grabbers and 6 screws


How many SHADE-MAX kits do I need?

    Follow these simple rules:

  • Every screen requires at least 1 SHADE-MAX “L” kit regardless of size.

  • One SHADE-MAX bracket should be mounted approximately 1 ft from every screen corner.

  • Any screen span greater than 3 ft requires another SHADE-MAX bracket (See examples below)

  • If you have screens that are adjacent, consider using the “T” configuration for neater installation


Examples and a view of each type of Bracket with the Shade Grabber(s) and screws are below:

Installation Examples - Contact us if you need help!

Single Screens - L Kits
Single Screen
Adjacent Screens
L  and T Kits
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