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Property Managers- Voice of the Customer
Value Proposition

What are Property Managers and Apartment Landlords bottom line?

  • Make money with minimal capital resources

  • Keep tenants satisfied and on contract


SHADE-MAX will help both!

  • MAXimizes YOUR shade screen investment (best performance)

  • Increases life of screen materials (longer replacement time)

  • Provides privacy, comfort, lower A/C costs and more light for your tenants

  • Increases tenant comfort satisfaction (better retention)

  • Easy to Install (Screen company or Property Maintenance)

  • Performance near new windows at a fraction of the price (low capital cost)

  • Climate Change Friendly - Each 100 sq ft of windows saves 3000 gallons of water per year used in power generation (25 gal/Kwh)

  • ALL at a reasonable cost. (Bulk pricing available)

SHADE-MAX . . .  Simply Cooler!


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