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                                               Get Ready to Nerd Out !! 

                             The Science Starts Here !!

    Shade Max was started to find a low cost, simple method to reduce the heat entering windows in Phoenix, Arizona.  There are many solutions but most are expensive,  many are very messy and invasive  and some are not nearly as  effective as stated. 


   Installing shade screens is  common but typical flush mount installations only showed total heat reduction of 10 %. That is because TOTAL HEAT is the summation of Irradiation (light) , conduction through the frame and the window.  Shade screen do reduce the irradiation, but actually INCREASE the window and frame heat.  As a result, the "80-90% reduction" stated by the screen installers is actual a total heat reduction of much less.  

   Observations of large reductions of surface temperatures of shaded roads led to the premise that if the shade screen was TRULEY SHADING  the window (not covering or flush) a reduction in window glass and frame temperatures could be achieved.


   By conducting scientific validation efforts in conjunction with Arizona State University Capstone Projects and Salt River Project  ( a local power utility ) window heat reductions as high as 66 % were achieved!   The energy saving from this reduction and the cost of the kit results in a return on investment of less than a year! 

   While looking at screen mounting we were also made aware from customer surveys that the current casement clamps come  loose during wind storms ( and the screens go visit the neighbors  :?)  ) resulting in damaged screens.    


   SHADE-GRABBER is our solution!  SHADE-GRABBER  provides a positive fastening feature that is 6 times more secure than current clamp methods and compliments the SHADE-MAX energy saver mount.


   As they say, talk is cheap. In God we trust, all else bring data . . . .


   Look below for the basic cooling science  ("Simply Cooler Zone") , the "Value Proposition" , the "Validation Data"  or "Informative videos" for further discussion and geeky info. AS they say . . . Q.E.D.

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